Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Another Remix (as I wait for Fall weather to truly arrive)

This outfit was thrown together in a hurry, but I think I pulled it off OK. I wore the shirt out for half the day, and then tucked in for the rest. I'm still amazed that I tuck ANYTHING in... it was seriously the biggest fear of mine for just about ever. Fall is taking its sweet time to really get here, and I'm going to take advantage of that fact for as long as I can.
As I posted on FB today, I'm not sure if I am concerned about the implications of global warming, or just happy that its already October, and I don't have to wear socks yet...
Now, this remix is a legit one. When I wore this skirt last, it was styled completely differently! It was February, it was cold out, and here I am wearing it in a much lighter way.
The shirt isn't really much of a remix, I wore it with a denim skirt... pretty much the same look...except, I wore it with flats, so yeah, totally different look, and IT COUNTS. ;)

Yeesh! I never realised how oxidized my earrings were! Oops!
On me: Top Old Navy; Skirt Ricki's; Shoes Unknown; Necklace Some random boutique in LA; Earrings No idea.

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