Monday, October 7, 2013


I started following The Classy Cubicle, and one of the firsts posts I saw of hers was of a black sleeveless sheath dress. Which reminded me that I needed to get my a black sheath dress. I used to have a great one from Addition-Elle from many years ago, but I got rid of it when I lost a bunch of weight, so there is a hole in my wardrobe. Or, there was... Walked into Target the other day, and what did my wondrous eye behold? Perhaps the PERFECT LBD. First, its a nice material. I'm going to guess ponte-like, if not actually ponte [UPDATE: it is ponte]. So it sits nicely on. It has enough body to give structure, but not to much that its uncomfortable. Second, it has that wicked-awesome double pleat thing going on at the neckline that I really enjoy. It's the first piece I have with that. Third, speaking of the body of the dress, it make my hips look a little bigger. I know, what? I want something to look BIGGER? Well, yes, in my case, I would prefer if my straight narrow hips were a little bit rounder, because, as you can see in the photo, when hips go outtie, waist looks like it goes innie. Feelin' me?
This dress was also the perfect opportunity to wear my new Aldo heels. Also, super classic. I love that they are so matte, so that when I am wearing skirts/dresses with tights this winter, the shoes will just melt into the leg, creating an illusion of length and leanness that I am so covetous of. Wasn't sure how warm it was going to be, so topped it with a crisp white cardigan from Costco (seriously, I love their clothing section. Even though things often do go up to my size, when they do, they do so for a seriously reasonable price). And then, I had to make sure I was wearing my newest Essie polish, which is actually from a 2007 collection I think.... but, OK, bear with me here... That color, the dusty rose, I associate with a certain type of older ladies. I also associate wealth, class, and Chanel with a certain type of older ladies. Think, Lucille Bluth, but without the excessive drinking, emotional distance, and questionable mothering skills. So I just thought it was a perfect match for this ensemble. Light enough to be feminine, but dusty enough to be "Autumn". There you go, the method to my madness.
On me: Dress TargetCardigan Kersh via Costco; Shoes AldoNecklace/Ring Unknown

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