Thursday, October 17, 2013

Preppy in Stripes

I love doing "Pin to Post" posts. I just find it interesting to see the evolution of an outfit, from the inspiration to what I end up putting together. Often, finding a piece in plus-sizes is the biggest challenge, but since my tastes are running pretty classic lately, I don't foresee that being a big challenge.  This is another of those really serendipitous fashion finds. I saw this post on The Classy Cubicle (I know, I have been springboarding from her a LOT lately, ah well) and I thought, man, love that outfit, but I will NEVER find a striped dress like that. And then, I swear, not a day later, I found it on the Ricki's website. Also having a little love affair with them these days as well. Expect to see a bunch of Ricki's pieces on the blog...

So, the dress, not a fine stripe like hers, and not as bright, but for the Fall, I like my find just fine. Also, I've wintered mine up a bit, with dark tights, and closed shoes, but this is mid-October, and I believe hers was done in early September. Again, the differences add interest, I think.

As for the Ricki's dress, here's my only criticism of it. Its a shift dress, which means that its less shaped than another might be. On the positive side, the dress is cut so that, from the front, your waist is visible, so that's good. However, for me, from the side view, there is no shape to the back. I figure it needs darts (or a belt, as I did here) to be able to see the curve from the back to the butt (let's be frank) and for me, I feel like I really need to see that concave curve in order to not feel dumpy looking. But that's just me.

Other than that, no complaints about this dress. the ponte is nice and thick, but not restricting, and the details (the back zipper, which you can't see under my hair, derp) are nice.

On me: Dress Ricki's (as per below); Blouse Old Navy (comparable below); Tights Unknown (comparable below); Shoes Aldo (as per below); Ring/Earrings/Necklace (as bracelet) Old Navy (comparables below); Belt Reitmans (comparable below).

Striped Ponte Shift Dress

73 CAD -

185 CAD -

26 CAD -

69 CAD -

33 CAD -

52 CAD -

21 CAD -

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