Monday, September 30, 2013

Long, slow ( very slow) descent into Fall

It's end of September, way end. We really should be bundling up in sweaters, and wearing boots. I think I've said this before, on this very blog! Not a few posts ago. But its still true. I don't think this shirt has made it onto the blog before, which is a new one, seeing as I have had it for quite a while. Its another MIL (mother-in-law) shirt. She's really quite good! 
I will warn you that voting for the Addition-Elle "I've Got Great Genes" Model Search commences on October 10, and I will be spamming (can I spam my own account?) with requests for votes. I'm not usually one for such blatant self-promotion, but I think (based on the rampant self-promoting habits of at least one other successful plus-size blogger) that its something that is required in order to acquire a place on the map. Makes sense.

It's all very logical, Captain.

At any rate, I'll apologise (for the spamming) and thank you (for your votes) in advance!

My hair is freshly foiled. I forget how nice it looks blonde,
when I get all skeevy and let my roots grow out so far...

On me: Shirt Request (via IDK where...); Cami Old Navy; Capris Old Navy (Flirt cut); Shoes Charlotte Russe; Necklace So Old, I don't have any idea; Lippy Maybelline Color Whisper in Pinup Peach (which I only mention because I just got this color, and even though Fall is for deep berry shades, I LOVE the Pinup Peach. Such a nice "your lips but better" color.

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