Monday, September 23, 2013

Wow! Penningtons!

As a Canadian woman who has been plus sized for my entire adult life, I have avoided Penningtons like the plague. I found their clothes to be shapeless and dowdy as all the fires of hell and damnation. Until the last few weeks. They have been revamping their clothes and accessories, trying to appeal to a more stylish demographic. As the store manager at my local Penningtons told me, "this isn't your grandmother's Penningtons." (As a side note, my Grandmother was all of 90 lbs and wore exclusively Suzy Creamcheese.)

They released a new collection called MBLM (pronounced emblem) last week and it is a pleasant departure from the regular plus size fare. Dare I even call it edgy? Sexy even? I never thought that I could find hot plus sized clothes just off the highway by my house! 

Here are some of my favourite items from the MBLM collection!

Let's start with the MBLM collection, from left to right....going from "nice" to "omgwtfbbq!"

I like the studded snake belt. It reminds me not only of snake scales ( in full disclosure, I LOVE snakes as individuals! There little tongues! So cute!) without the ickyness of actually killing a snake and wearing it's flesh. The belt is scales meets Berlin Punk. 

These boots! The heel is manageable, the metal and zipper embellishments are fun and on trend and is that a red sole? Badasses! (I hope they don't get sued.) 

This moto jacket is so well done. Each detail is beautifully fashioned and it is so on trend, and not too expensive!

Oh this shirt. How is love you! I wore it with a nude bra, and the mesh covered the straps perfectly. If you have nails or have creatures with sharp nails, be aware, they might like to destroy this. However if you do not, jump on it! It is all of $40.00 and is so pretty/sexy/edgy. 

Rumour has it that the MBLM collection is selling quite well and the mesh top is all but sold out online. 

Check it out!

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