Sunday, September 15, 2013

Hell yeah, Maxi dress!

So, word is that maxi dresses were pretty big this S/S. And lucky me, I had this sitting in my closet from a few years ago. Its so comfortable, the fabric lays and feels really nice, and it breathes like nobody's business. And I think that jean jacket might be the best purchase I ever made. I used to worry that jean jackets made me look really boxy, but its just because the last one I had was too long (and too boxy)... at any rate, the Practical Tip from this post is just because the first something" that you try on (jean jacket/jumpsuit/fit and flare dress/pair of skinnies) doesn't ring your bell, don't give up on it... it might just be the wrong cut on that particular piece. I've gotten SO much wear out of this jacket... here's an example. Pretty similar outfit, but it even works with shorter dresses!  
On me: Dress walmart; Jean jacket Forever21+; Shoes Old Navy (all a few seasons old)

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