Friday, September 13, 2013

Dress of Roses

So, this new Forever21 opened up in my local mall. It was many months in the making, and I was waiting with baited breath. I wanted to see if it would have a plus-section, and a mens section. Seriously, the plus-sized sections of ALL the Forever 21s that I have been in have, to be frank, sucked. They were SERIOUSLY lacking in selection, and pretty much hidden away.
But what did I see to my GREAT surprise! The plus section at my local mall (Limeridge, in Hamilton, ON) is HUGE! I think that almost everything that I had seen online was in the store. From crazy leggings, to dresses, to jackets, the whole 9. It was so nice to see. So I took a ton of stuff into the changing room to try on. I posted the whole gnarly experience (I say gnarly, because my hair was not looking fab, no makeup, etc) on the tumblr site that I post on. Added reviews, in terms of fit and sizing. Go check it out over there. Of all the stuff I tried, the only thing that said "BUY ME" was this dress, and mostly because it ended up being $10 after the discount. I've been itching to try a "Kaleah Bee" look too, and this fit the bill. Her specialit√© is a fit & flare dress under a cardigan. She has that shit down to a fine art, and this is my attempt.

On me: Dress Forever21+. Cardigan Costco, Belt Aldo, Shoes Alfred Sung via Value Village, Necklace Claires,

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