Monday, September 23, 2013

My Newest Fall Pieces

It has begun! Slowly, but slowly, I will begin adding new pieces to my wardrobe for the new season. I expect to have a much bigger haul once I get over to the nearest Torrid, Stateside, but for the moment, allow me to introduce my new black crew neck cardigan ( I can't believe I don't have a black cardigan! Or, didn't rather...) and chiffon snakeskin print blouse. I have big plans for these pieces. They'll be remixed a lot this season. Feel free to make any suggestions, of course!
Not too much to say about this, except the funny part of this, is that throughout the day, I decided these shoes were a bust. The toe is so long and pointy, that it actually catches on the low-pile industrial carpet throughout my office. I was all ready to Value Village these suckers... until... Tumblr and Beaucoo peeps are drooling over these bad boys! So, obvs, I need to reconsider getting rid of them. If they still piss me off the next time I wear them though... they might be subject to a giveaway or something!

On me: Blouse Old Navy; Cardigan Old Navy; Pants Target (old); Shoes Frederick's of Hollywood (very old).

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