Thursday, September 26, 2013

Remixing, part deux.

As its coming to the end of the season, and I have exhausted my Summer wardrobe, two things are happening: its getting slightly cooler, allowing for more layering pieces, and I am being forced (although not under duress-like) to remix the wardrobe, try wearing things in different combinations, and different ways. This dress, I originally wore as it turned to Spring, in this look. This "Fall" look isn't dramatically different, all I am doing is wearing black instead of white and neutral with it, but it does change the look, regardless. I guess the "remix" doesn't have to be dramatic to be effective. I really do want to try and wear things a little differently than I did the first time, or even differently than they were originally intended. I've been seeing a lot of button-up-the-back shirts (designed intentionally that way) but I've also seen cardigans worn backwards, as a pullover, with the buttons up the back. Clever, and just the right amount of daring if you ask me. But I like it. I might even do it...
And as I research for a picture to link you to, I see that this is hardly a new thing. I shouldn't be surprised, fashion is predictably cyclical. But, aside from seeing it mentioned last year, apparently, the kids used to do it a lot in the 50s. Cardigan backward, tweed skirt. Sounds nice. Here's a link to an interesting article about the trend's recent upswing. And here's the Tumblr post that originally piqued my interest.

On me: Dress Xhiliration by Target (old); Cardigan Old Navy; Necklace Le Chateau (old); Shoes Franco Sarto via some show discount place in LA... VERY old)

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