Monday, September 30, 2013

Long, slow ( very slow) descent into Fall

It's end of September, way end. We really should be bundling up in sweaters, and wearing boots. I think I've said this before, on this very blog! Not a few posts ago. But its still true. I don't think this shirt has made it onto the blog before, which is a new one, seeing as I have had it for quite a while. Its another MIL (mother-in-law) shirt. She's really quite good! 
I will warn you that voting for the Addition-Elle "I've Got Great Genes" Model Search commences on October 10, and I will be spamming (can I spam my own account?) with requests for votes. I'm not usually one for such blatant self-promotion, but I think (based on the rampant self-promoting habits of at least one other successful plus-size blogger) that its something that is required in order to acquire a place on the map. Makes sense.

It's all very logical, Captain.

At any rate, I'll apologise (for the spamming) and thank you (for your votes) in advance!

My hair is freshly foiled. I forget how nice it looks blonde,
when I get all skeevy and let my roots grow out so far...

On me: Shirt Request (via IDK where...); Cami Old Navy; Capris Old Navy (Flirt cut); Shoes Charlotte Russe; Necklace So Old, I don't have any idea; Lippy Maybelline Color Whisper in Pinup Peach (which I only mention because I just got this color, and even though Fall is for deep berry shades, I LOVE the Pinup Peach. Such a nice "your lips but better" color.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Remixing, part deux.

As its coming to the end of the season, and I have exhausted my Summer wardrobe, two things are happening: its getting slightly cooler, allowing for more layering pieces, and I am being forced (although not under duress-like) to remix the wardrobe, try wearing things in different combinations, and different ways. This dress, I originally wore as it turned to Spring, in this look. This "Fall" look isn't dramatically different, all I am doing is wearing black instead of white and neutral with it, but it does change the look, regardless. I guess the "remix" doesn't have to be dramatic to be effective. I really do want to try and wear things a little differently than I did the first time, or even differently than they were originally intended. I've been seeing a lot of button-up-the-back shirts (designed intentionally that way) but I've also seen cardigans worn backwards, as a pullover, with the buttons up the back. Clever, and just the right amount of daring if you ask me. But I like it. I might even do it...
And as I research for a picture to link you to, I see that this is hardly a new thing. I shouldn't be surprised, fashion is predictably cyclical. But, aside from seeing it mentioned last year, apparently, the kids used to do it a lot in the 50s. Cardigan backward, tweed skirt. Sounds nice. Here's a link to an interesting article about the trend's recent upswing. And here's the Tumblr post that originally piqued my interest.

On me: Dress Xhiliration by Target (old); Cardigan Old Navy; Necklace Le Chateau (old); Shoes Franco Sarto via some show discount place in LA... VERY old)

Monday, September 23, 2013

Wow! Penningtons!

As a Canadian woman who has been plus sized for my entire adult life, I have avoided Penningtons like the plague. I found their clothes to be shapeless and dowdy as all the fires of hell and damnation. Until the last few weeks. They have been revamping their clothes and accessories, trying to appeal to a more stylish demographic. As the store manager at my local Penningtons told me, "this isn't your grandmother's Penningtons." (As a side note, my Grandmother was all of 90 lbs and wore exclusively Suzy Creamcheese.)

They released a new collection called MBLM (pronounced emblem) last week and it is a pleasant departure from the regular plus size fare. Dare I even call it edgy? Sexy even? I never thought that I could find hot plus sized clothes just off the highway by my house! 

Here are some of my favourite items from the MBLM collection!

Let's start with the MBLM collection, from left to right....going from "nice" to "omgwtfbbq!"

I like the studded snake belt. It reminds me not only of snake scales ( in full disclosure, I LOVE snakes as individuals! There little tongues! So cute!) without the ickyness of actually killing a snake and wearing it's flesh. The belt is scales meets Berlin Punk. 

These boots! The heel is manageable, the metal and zipper embellishments are fun and on trend and is that a red sole? Badasses! (I hope they don't get sued.) 

This moto jacket is so well done. Each detail is beautifully fashioned and it is so on trend, and not too expensive!

Oh this shirt. How is love you! I wore it with a nude bra, and the mesh covered the straps perfectly. If you have nails or have creatures with sharp nails, be aware, they might like to destroy this. However if you do not, jump on it! It is all of $40.00 and is so pretty/sexy/edgy. 

Rumour has it that the MBLM collection is selling quite well and the mesh top is all but sold out online. 

Check it out!

My Newest Fall Pieces

It has begun! Slowly, but slowly, I will begin adding new pieces to my wardrobe for the new season. I expect to have a much bigger haul once I get over to the nearest Torrid, Stateside, but for the moment, allow me to introduce my new black crew neck cardigan ( I can't believe I don't have a black cardigan! Or, didn't rather...) and chiffon snakeskin print blouse. I have big plans for these pieces. They'll be remixed a lot this season. Feel free to make any suggestions, of course!
Not too much to say about this, except the funny part of this, is that throughout the day, I decided these shoes were a bust. The toe is so long and pointy, that it actually catches on the low-pile industrial carpet throughout my office. I was all ready to Value Village these suckers... until... Tumblr and Beaucoo peeps are drooling over these bad boys! So, obvs, I need to reconsider getting rid of them. If they still piss me off the next time I wear them though... they might be subject to a giveaway or something!

On me: Blouse Old Navy; Cardigan Old Navy; Pants Target (old); Shoes Frederick's of Hollywood (very old).

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The Remix edition

I've been pretty awful in the "remix" department. I have a shitton of clothes (relatively speaking) and I find that I always fall back on the combination that I originally put together. But, I am going to try and remedy that, and my first attempt is this skirt, that I previously wore here with a denim top and yellow statement necklace. I really loved that outfit, and I am feeling pretty good about this one too, so for an $8 skirt, this is working out to be a pretty stellar addition to my wardrobe.
The shirt I wore originally here, and unlike the skirt, which is styled pretty similarly in both these outfits, the shirt is worn totally differently. I couldn't help myself when it came to the earrings and bracelet though... those are the same in the first outfit. I guess I just associate certain things with each other, subconsciously. Going to try and do more and more remixing, as I can't be the only one who needs to work on getting more wear out of their wardrobe. I'd love to see your examples of remixing too! Tweet me some!

On me: Shirt Walmart; Skirt Chaus via Winners; Earrings/bracelet WetSeal; Shoes Suzy Shier; Belt Torrid.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Hell yeah, Maxi dress!

So, word is that maxi dresses were pretty big this S/S. And lucky me, I had this sitting in my closet from a few years ago. Its so comfortable, the fabric lays and feels really nice, and it breathes like nobody's business. And I think that jean jacket might be the best purchase I ever made. I used to worry that jean jackets made me look really boxy, but its just because the last one I had was too long (and too boxy)... at any rate, the Practical Tip from this post is just because the first something" that you try on (jean jacket/jumpsuit/fit and flare dress/pair of skinnies) doesn't ring your bell, don't give up on it... it might just be the wrong cut on that particular piece. I've gotten SO much wear out of this jacket... here's an example. Pretty similar outfit, but it even works with shorter dresses!  
On me: Dress walmart; Jean jacket Forever21+; Shoes Old Navy (all a few seasons old)

Friday, September 13, 2013

Dress of Roses

So, this new Forever21 opened up in my local mall. It was many months in the making, and I was waiting with baited breath. I wanted to see if it would have a plus-section, and a mens section. Seriously, the plus-sized sections of ALL the Forever 21s that I have been in have, to be frank, sucked. They were SERIOUSLY lacking in selection, and pretty much hidden away.
But what did I see to my GREAT surprise! The plus section at my local mall (Limeridge, in Hamilton, ON) is HUGE! I think that almost everything that I had seen online was in the store. From crazy leggings, to dresses, to jackets, the whole 9. It was so nice to see. So I took a ton of stuff into the changing room to try on. I posted the whole gnarly experience (I say gnarly, because my hair was not looking fab, no makeup, etc) on the tumblr site that I post on. Added reviews, in terms of fit and sizing. Go check it out over there. Of all the stuff I tried, the only thing that said "BUY ME" was this dress, and mostly because it ended up being $10 after the discount. I've been itching to try a "Kaleah Bee" look too, and this fit the bill. Her specialit√© is a fit & flare dress under a cardigan. She has that shit down to a fine art, and this is my attempt.

On me: Dress Forever21+. Cardigan Costco, Belt Aldo, Shoes Alfred Sung via Value Village, Necklace Claires,

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Late Summer Floral...

So. Its happened. Summer... dying. Dead, actually.  Really cold this morning.
Wore this ensemble last week, during the death throes. Glad I finally wore it before it was too late. I've had the skirt for FOREVER. It took me a long time to figure out what to wear with it, and this isn't even the most imaginative combination! Might wear it with a chambray shirt into fall.  I love love love the colors in the floral, mostly yellow and pink. And I love that there is black and grey in there too! Pencil skirts... who knew how awesome they could be?

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