Tuesday, April 2, 2013

What's Black and White and Red All Over?

Newspaper! Ayucka, ayucka.


To me, black/white polka-dots and red are a classic combination. 
First of all, let me expound on the virtues of these pants. They are awesome. They are the perfect length. They are constructed of a solid, but comfortable fabric, that conceals many imperfections. The reason why you see me almost every day in jeans, and never in "slacks" (as I call them... pants to others) is because slacks (oh, also known as dress pants) always sit terribly on my midsection. Being "chubby" and having had two kids within 2 calendar years, has not been terribly kind to my belleh (as Fat Bastard would say), and slacks often make it look worse. But these beauts totally look fine. I might even tuck in a shirt in these pants! 


I feel perhaps they might even be worth going back and getting more colors! Which is something I NEVER do! They have a huge selection of colors, too.

As for the blouse, it was one of those "have to have it" the first time I saw it. It looks great under a blazer or cardigan too. Sadly, it is no longer available, but the option below in the Polyvore list might even be a nicer option! Especially given the touches of lace that are on the sleeves; very on-trend. This whole ensemble is pretty on-trend I think, you know, the whole Black and White thing. Its not very graphic, as I think this S/S's black and white trend is, but still... close! 
Sorry about the less-than-stellar quality of the images... I will endeavour to do better in future!

On Me: Blouse: Torrid (no longer available, an even better option below: Pants: Target (as per below); Earrings/Necklace/Shoes: Unknown (other options below)
Black and White and Red All Over (newspaper)

Polka dot top
43 CAD - torrid.com

28 CAD - target.com

Fitzwell platform shoes
70 CAD - zappos.com

Fun jewelry
26 CAD - theiconic.com.au

Round earrings
5.08 CAD - etsy.com

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