Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Remembering Lilly Pulitzer


     Although Lilly Pulitzer didn't offer dresses in plus sizes, I found it still important to mark her passing. She was a gifted designer and business woman who's sense of fun and colour paved the way for many that followed her. Lines like Kate Spade and Tocca would be lost without her influence and she can even be felt in Eshakti and Cherry Velvet Plus.

      Lilly first created her dresses in the 1960's out of necessity, after she found that she was covered in fruit from her juice business based out of the back of her station wagon. Although she did need the financial assistance, it was after a spell in a psychiatric hospital where she discovered that in order to recover, she needed something to do. So, she turned to making juice, which lead to need something cool and yet bright to wear to cover the stains. This lead to her creating her signature shift dress, made in bright and happy patterns. Her dresses became enormously popular and the rest is history. 

     But what can the Plus Sized Customer take from Lilly Pulitzer? A sense of colour. A love of pattern and the quelling of fears over wearing both. Regardless of your size, you can wear pattern and colour. Life is richer than a black wrap dress. I have found just the dresses to inspire you in a variety of price points!

The List:



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