Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Fit and Flare and Looking Fabulous!

     You know what I love about "fit and flare" dresses? Everything. I love how they evoke the femininity of the mid century silhouettes. I love how they nip in my waist and drape over my round middle. I love how they are universally one of the most flattering cuts you can come up with. I also love how they are "on trend" and cropping up all over the darn place.

     Pretty well any body issue you have can be overcome with a "fit and flare."
"My boobs are too big" <----Balance them out visually with a full skirt.
"I have a big tummy" <-----A full skirt will smooth it out.
"I don't like my thighs"<----A fit and flare does not cling to thighs.
"I have a big bum" <----A fit and flare gives one ample room in the posterior.  
"I have Cat hair all over my clothes" <---Join the club!

    You will have nothing left to be but proud of your figure and how smashing it looks on you!

Let's get to the fashion!

I have selected dresses for all sorts of occasions!

1) The dress on the far left is by Cherry Velvet Plus. I am really in love with Cherry Velvet, for of many reasons. However, top on my list is amazing fit, high quality fabric and made in Canada. How awesome is that? Wear this dress on a weekend in the country with a lemon yellow cardigan and a crisp white belt. Cherry Velvet Plus, $165.00

2) Looking for a Ladies Night Out dress? Look no further. Imagine you are on the town sipping cocktails with your friends, showing off some leg and catching some lingering eyes. If you want to play down the hemline, slip on some black polka dot patterned tights. It is a small dot that adds visual interest and whimsy, and not camp. This Bianca Nygard dress can be found at Lucy for $99.00. Lucy has free shipping across Canada from now until May 11th. 

3) Do you have a Spring Wedding coming up? This dress is perfect. It is a flattering colour on pretty well everyone and will have you turning heads. Wear with a sock bun, pearls and coral coloured blush for a polished look. It is from Eshakti and is $139.95. It is $10.00 off until April 23rd. 

4) Paired with a blazer, this dress is ready to work! Running errands around the city instead? Slip on a denim jacket. This pretty pink dress is versatile and being a knit, it is easy to wash and wear. Find it at Addition-Elle for $89.99. 

Have a great week!


  1. where can i buy that coral coloured dress????

  2. You can find it at Eshakti. Here is the link!



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