Thursday, April 18, 2013

Springtime Lace

I realised two things while looking through the shots for this post... a) for someone who hated fuchsia, there's a lot of it in my closet, and b) I wear skinny jeans almost every damn day.

If I may take a brief aside, speaking of skinny jeans, we just posted a guest post from a good friend of mine (who will also appear in my post about the EDIT by Jeanne Beker event I recently attended). She posted about how she is a skinny jean convert. This post certainly resonated with me, since I also eschewed skinny jeans, thinking they were double-plus-ungood for the plus-sized figure. But (like hummus) I judged them too quickly and too harshly, based on only a few unfortunate encounters with subpar examples. And now, as you can see from my OOTD posts, I wear them, as I said, almost every damn day. I went from having no jeans at all, post-baby, to purchasing many pairs. All of them skinny. And I think, all of them Torrid, too.

I think that as the weather gets warmer, the skinny jeans will likely go back into the closet, perhaps even be packed away with the rest of the winter clothes, and I will likely be wearing more crops, skirts and dresses.

But, not yet. Mother Nature has been really f*cking with us this "Spring", and although it is beautiful out recently, I don't doubt that she'll drop another cold-weather bomb on us. I hope not, but I ain't packing away all my winter clothes until we get a solid week of warm weather.

However, with the promise of spring here recently, I post this outfit of the day of a lace top purchased for a song (Target really knows how to have a sale, lemme tell you) this past Christmas. Who knew that Lace was going to be big this Spring/Summer. Wait, as a fashion blogger, maybe I am supposed to say "me... I knew"

Ah well.

About this outfit... here's where you get all the details about why I wore what I wore. You already know from this post that I like the look of semi-see through. So, really, I would have wanted to pair this lace top with a nude cami underneath.

Well, that's what I did the first time I wore it, and sadly, the logistics did not work out. I had to keep the nude cami untucked (so as not to get the line of light cami meeting dark jeans under the shirt, which is a cardinal fashion sin to me) and it was impossible to keep the longer cami lined up perfectly with the shorter lace top. So, 2nd time around, I just wore it with a dark cami tucked in, and let the bottom edge of the top do whatever it wanted. Clothes are sometimes unruly, and you have to figure out ways to make 'em work I guess.

Finding these pieces buried in my
vanity made my day!
Me and the hubster at my sister's wedding.
This was pre-kids. And pre-pregnancy
weight gain. Also known as,"The Good
Ole Days."
The jewelry I chose because it had hits of the same pink. If it looks very authentically Indian to you, that's because it is! I was given this jewelry by my sister to wear in her wedding. The bridesmaids wore saris of pink and orange and gold... so beautiful!

Had to pair it with my leopard/cheetah shooties. I've gotten a lot of mileage out of these guys. I really do treat them as a neutral. 

Oh, the hair. These are flat-iron waves. Which I feel like took me forever to figure out how to do.
Anyone want a tutorial? I am expecting radio silence here, since none of you ever comment, and will likely do a video tutorial anyway, but if I DID get any positive reinforcement, it would go a long way towards me getting that video tutorial done faster.

Sorry, I feel like I was passive-aggressively mean to you right there. 

Let's never fight again.

Yeah, that look on my face is me realising that my terribly un-managed fingernails would
be clearly visible in a shot like this. Hence, the finger tuck...

On me: Jeans: Torrid (as per below); Lace top: Target (alternative below)Earrings and bangles: Gifted (alternatives below); Shooties: Fredericks of Hollywood, last year (alternative below)

Fuchsia Lace

Stretch jeans
60 CAD -

Rockport closed toe shoes
57 CAD -

Bracelets bangle
14 CAD -

Henri Bendel pink jewelry
110 CAD -

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