Tuesday, April 23, 2013

EDIT by Jeanne Beker launch

Me and Jeanne Beker. Me! And Jeanne Beker!
When I opened my inbox some time ago, and saw that I was invited to the launch of Jeanne Bekers EDIT line at AdditionElle, I was, shall we say... jazzed.
I did a little cursory research, and saw that the line was in some great soft sorbet colors, and had very high hopes.

Before I get into the Jeanne Beker line, I have to say, I am not sure if its the location, or the event or what it is, but shopping at the Yonge street AdditionElle is more like a party than a shopping trip. And shopping trips ARE a party, if you ask me. The ladies that work there are so friendly, and outgoing, and its really just fun as shit.

How fun is shit you ask?

Well, it can't be empirically measured, but its damn fun.

Word to the wise though, if I wasn't the world's biggest cynic, I might walk out of there erroneously thinking that I was the prettiest, most stylish fat chick that ever walked the planet. They are all exceedingly complimentary.
The line at the Yonge St. store
Now, I am not saying that I think they are being disingenuous or anything, I am just suggesting that perhaps they are just being really...damn... nice. You know? But whatevs, I'll take it! I've been called far worse...

So, onto the Big Event...

I have a thing for fedoras
It was a little more low key than the Grand Opening of the store that I attended not too long ago, but it was still an awesome experience. It was so surreal to chat for a bit with Jeanne frickin' Becker. I'm not trying to make her feel old or anything, but I have seriously been watching her on TV since I was a kid. Since before capital "F" Fashion was even on my radar. Back when I dyed my hair sea-hag green (long story, it was meant to be a lovely teal colour) and wore only matte red lipstick and heavy black eyeliner, I still watched Jeanne Beker.

So, to speak with her and hear her distinctive speaking voice coming from her, instead of from a TV screen, it was surreal. She's wee. And I am not just saying that because I look positively gargantuan beside her... she is straight up petite. She's also very very nice. She autographed a picture for me (addressing it to the "Gorgeous" Erin... man I wish I wasn't such a cynic and I could just go away from that thinking that she truly thought I was THAT gorgeous) and spoke with me briefly.

Werkin' it in the mirror
I asked her if she had to get into any particular mindset when designing for this plus line, as opposed to when she designs for straight sizing. Obviously, she isn't plus, and never has been.

Although she isn't plus, her best friend and sister are, so she has an idea of the things that are of concern to the plus-sized woman. She went on to tell me that its all sort of a learning process as well, and that she is always gaining a deeper understanding of what it is that the plus-sized fashion conscious consumer wants on offer. That being said though, a "great pair of jeans is a great pair of jeans." Sometimes, the needs and wants of the plus-sized consumer will be the same as that of the skinnybitches.

My word, of course, not hers.

So, onto the line itself. The colors were right in line with the color trends we've seen so far, with the soft sherberty coral taking center stage. Safely (and I don't mean that derogatorily, as its often thrown around in fashion), it's paired with neutrals. I think that the images below that I pulled from the AE website is the whole line, but correct me if I am wrong.

In my opinion, I  think that most of this line is probably more suited to a bit of an older demographic. It's all very lovely, but nothing is pushing the envelope at all. Don't get me wrong, all of these pieces could be rocked by anyone at any age. I am not saying they are mature (gasp!), just... safe.

Oh dear, I think I might have just insulted the adventurous mature woman.

As you can see, I tried on the chiffon blouse; it had a high-low hem that I liked, and those bell sleeves were calling to me. I don't feel it flattered me over-much, but that's the fault of my giant rack, not the blouse. The sequin tanks were really nice. Great weight to them, and so sparkly. We all know how I do love shiny things.

sequin tanks, and cardis

I also tried on the patterned sleeveless blouse that you see belted just below. It wasn't for me, but my body type looks better in things that have a lot definition. The cold-shouldered "ikat" style shirt was really nice. I like that for summer...picture it... drinks on the patio. Can't wait.
Summery blouses galore!

OK, these jeans. Loved them. I don't even feel right calling them jeans, because they were so soft, and so comfortable. Really great cut too, for my build anyway. Lean, but not skinny. I think I have to go back and buy the peach ones.
And I dearly love the classic look of the ankle pants, with their contrasting buttons... but they looked like shit on me. To be fair, I cannot find a pair of trousers/slacks/dress pants that I like on me. So again, not the fault of the pants, its my damn post-baby body. two-plus years post baby, but let's not quibble over details.
So soft and comfy, these jeans.
So, lets bottom line this, shall we?
  • on-trend color scheme
  • quality fabrics and construction
  • classic, timeless appeal
  • limited in its scope
  • little innovation
  • not really "hard-hitting" fashion
Let's just close with an awesome shot of some two for $22 jewelry. I got an absolutely awesome statement necklace and bangles, for $22... that's an awesome price. I am sad that I didn't buy a ring to go with the necklace and bracelets I bought.

Really, go just for the jewelry.

While I was there I also picked up an absolutely gorgeous Love&Legend cropped fitted white jacket. I can't wait to wear it. I am so pleased about the weather improving... my clothing options have just expanded exponentially!

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