Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Great Bra Shoot!

     Yesterday was filled with all sorts of adventures. It started many weeks ago when I submitted a photo of myself wearing an ill fitting bra to local lingerie store, Forever Yours, that features 6000 square feet of glorious plus size options. I didn't just send them this pic on a whim, it was a contest! A bad fitting bra contest that asked women to submit images of themselves wearing their worst to win a free bra and a photoshoot in both an ill fitting and a well fitting bra! Last week, I was thrilled to learn that I was one of the winners. With winning came the pressure to remember to shave my armpits for the shoot. *Spoiler Alert: I did!* 

     Here is how the morning started!


     I got up, showered, put on my La Mer and went. Forever Yours asked that I wear clothes that would not leave marks or lines on my skin, as I would be photographed without my top on. That meant yoga pants. I am NO fan of leaving the house with no makeup and yoga pants on. But! Duty called!

     I went to "The Studio" by Mika Does Makeup and had my hair and makeup done by Faye. Holy heavens! Faye can blend, blend, blend. She made my smoky eye look so painterly. I am in awe of her skills. That, and she showed me how to use a flat iron as a curling iron. Amazing! I highly recommend "The Studio." They perform all kinds of aesthetics  in a damned pretty space, too. I will be going to them for eyelash extensions.


     After I had my hair and makeup done, it was time to hop in the car and get to Forever Yours! I was measured and put in all sorts of pretty bras that actually fit and gave me some much needed support. It was amazing! My upper back felt so relieved. 

 This is the selfie that I had submitted. It was too small in the cups and didn't give much lift or support. Well, no support, really. However, it is great when wearing low cut tops. But! Not for every day. 

I will post the new bra pics when they become available. I am not too sure when that will be. However, here are some images of me farting around on the set!

See the difference that good lighting makes? Amazing! 

Above is the gal who made this whole show happen. "Her name is Mikhala, and she is here to say, making boobs look good is her way. You can show up looking all sad and saggy, and you will leave with a smile and good bras in your baggy." <---Take that Macklemore. I too can rap. 

I will keep you posted on all the fun pics that come cropping up!

In the meantime, I want to thank Forever Yours for showing me a good time and giving me a wonderful new bra! Also, thanks to Faye for making me look fab!


  1. I am so happy you enjoyed your experience!! You were wonderful, and we look forward to working with you again!
    Mikhala Way


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