Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Last Friday, casually

Friday. Even though every day at my office can be casual, I guess I just have this Friday thing in my head. Its the day before the weekend, and we just need to get through it, so lets get through it as comfortably as possible, yes?
Just wearing my old-faithfuls (the jeans) from Torrid, and this shirt that I inherited from my friend, the one that hands me down stuff. The blouse is from Old Navy, and its one of those shirts that I am SO glad my friend decided she didn't like. First, I have almost nothing in navy, and second, I love the little details on it.
You probably can't see very well, because the photography is so weak, but there is pleating at the bottom, gathering at the top, and a keyhole neckline thing going on.

I really need to work on my friendly smile... some serious BRF going on here...

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