Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Hitting the trends!

So sad that the pleather stripe isn't showing up in these pics... its there, I swear!
I was so afeard of these leggings when I bought them, because I thought I would be limited to wearing them with long tunic sweaters and knee-high boots, but now that I see the pictures, I think they will be far more versatile than that. They fit less like skintight leggings, and more like skinny pants.
Oh, if only those earrings were a little duskier, they'd be peeeeerfect!
So, this outfit... I am trying to remember the genesis. Oh yes, I wanted to wear something comfy, because my lungs are still in revolt, and I feel like crap, but after three weeks of no f*cks given, I really HAD to make a bit more of an effort. Ya, so I lied last post.. that wasn't last Friday, it was probably 3 or 4 Fridays ago... my bad. I am hitting quite a few Fall '13 trends, and they aren't even clashing! Grey, check, oxblood, check, (p)leather accents, check! Go me!

I'd like to chat a bit about the lippy in this post. I picked it up on a whim at Forever 21, while I was waiting in line. Impulse buy, absolutely. But, I was in the market for a berry lip color for this fall, because I don't have any in my collection yet, given that I stay very close to more neutral pinks and such. And I have to say, this lipstick is knocking my socks off! Well, it would be, if I was wearing socks. I am still resisting the wearing of socks... Back to the lipstick. Its great! It applies like velvet, so smooth, it has only the slightest loveliest scent, its super pigmented, and long wearing as well!! I feel like I should have paid way more than $4 something for it! I can't say anything about the other colors, but "Berry" is phenomenal. Actually, I think, given how cheap they are, I might go back, get all the colors, and do a Swatchey McMakeup post!

Tried something different; how do you feel about the center part?
On me: Pleather side panel leggings Ricki's White blouse Old Navy (similar from Ricki's) / Short sleeved grey sweater Ricki's from ages ago (similar from Ricki's now) / Oxblood Almond Toe Nubuck pumps Charlotte Russe / Lip color stick Forever 21 in "Berry"

Accountant meets biker

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