Friday, July 26, 2013

'Merican Day

Dang. I love technology, but here's an instance when it failed me. Failed to load, didn't realise it, and then I forgot about it! But anyway...

I had been on the hunt for a circle/skate/flared skirt for a while. I guess they don't make them for ample-bodied chicks, because, I suppose (as one employee at a certain plus-sized retailer who shall remain nameless told me once "no one wants to make their hips look any bigger..." Tsk tsk tsk). I've told you before (and I'll say it again) that I abide by the fitted over loose / loose over fitted rule. And  since I am now braving the new world of tucking in shirts, I wanted a bigger skirt to balance out the tucked in t-shirt that I wanted to do. Now, I have this perfect black t-shirt from Old Navy that I've been planning FOREVER to do that with, but I couldn't find the skirt. And, sadly, I still haven't... BUT I did find this skirt, and so, with it, I was able to kill two of my fashion birds with one stone: fitted top with skater skirt, and mixing patterns. It's a little bit country, and no rock and roll, but, that's cool. It was a fluke that I ended up wearing this on Independence day (that is the other name for July 4, right?) but it worked, so I let it.

On me: Tee/Skirt/Shoes Old Navy 

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