Friday, May 3, 2013

Why We Need Cult of California

     This afternoon, I received some disappointing news. The label, Cult of California, has had their financial backers, back out. This came as a shock to the head designer and owner, Jen Wilder and frankly, to all of her fans, myself included. In the wake of the tragedy in Bangladesh, we need labels like Cult more than ever.

     You see, as much as getting a pair of leggings for $9.99 is fun, it hurts fashion. You vote with your dollar.  Each dollar sends a vote to the powers that be letting them know that you not only condone but support business models that use cheap fabric and cheaper labour. Everyone in the chain loses, apart from the corporation. The designer is uninspired, the labourer is exploited and you end up with a product that might last a few washings, but probably not. 

     Wouldn't you rather invest say, $42.00, the price of a pair of leggings at Cult of California, and have them last over 2 years? This way, you are supporting a business model that gives a designer that creates a product *just* for plus size bodies a chance, employs workers in the first world, (the USA in Cult's case) and gives you a product that will last and last. 

     I have personally had enough of fast fashion. It truly kills. 500 people were killed in the factory collapse in Bangladesh . All of them working for well under $50.00 monthly. We need to make clothes all about loving our bodies and celebrating our shapes. Garments made in death trap factories are celebrating nothing but corporate greed and frankly even our own greed. 

     I am not going to support brands that have their garments made in sweat shops any longer. If that means less clothes, so be it. Less will be more.

     I will keep you abreast on the Cult of California situation. I know there has been talk of a kickstarter. I also know that I will be taking a peek at the site and snapping up a few pieces that I have had my eye on. You are worth good fashion. We all are. Shop Cult of California

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