Friday, May 24, 2013

Maximum Style: Black and White Edition

     As promised, I have rounded up the most delicious black and white maxi dresses I could find. They are so crisp and chic! Regardless of price point, a black and white maxi always looks so put together. You can also wear it with a variety of jewelry to really make it pop. I like to pair b&w with turquoise. I find that it looks absolutely stunning. Same goes for fucsia and yellow. If you have a chunky yellow necklace, now is the time to wear it!

See what I mean! Crazy!
You can find this necklace, here.

On to the fashion!

What a diverse spread of dresses. We have bold and graphic to batik. 
Starting from the left moving right:

What I like about the Addition-Elle dress, it has detailing just under the bust, where many of us are most narrow, creating a nice high waist. 

You might be wondering why in the name of all that is holy did I add a dress from the Gap? I wear a solid 2X, often a 3X. I can fit into their XXL. I thought I would give them a kick at the can. The XXL is available exclusively online. This weekend, they have a 15% off sale!

The Monif C dress has a back zip, which gives a dang good fit. I personally LOVE this dress. However, I am the messiest eater. Sauce goes everywhere. Oil gets splattered. I would ruin this dress fast. Because of the high neck detail, I would avoid a necklace. However, a cuff would look amazing, as is pictured. 

What I like about the ING dress is that it gives a bit of white, but not in the lap zone. I would feel safe eating whilst wearing this dress. Thumbs up!

Have a great weekend!

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