Tuesday, May 7, 2013

James Jeans: Celeb Brand that YOU can wear, too!

     I was clicking through People Magazine's Style section on their website, as I am often do and I came across an amazing pair of jeans on Rihanna. The mag informed me that they were James Jeans. So, I decided to check out their online store and see if my some miracle they had plus sizes. Hold the phone! They did. And not just a token couple of pairs. But....dozens! Skinnies, flairs, bootcut, straight leg....you name it. They even had coloured and coated denim. All into a size 26W! Often times, premium denim goes to a 22W, on a good day. Sometimes even a 20W. But, a 26W! That shows a genuine commitment and embracing of women of all shapes and sizes.

     The more I learned of James Jeans, the more I loved the brand. The company was started by a woman named Seun Lim and is names after her husband, James. The cotton used is organic, and the dyes are natural. The denim is also dried and aged outside in the California Sun. No joke or exaggeration. These are truly premium denim!

     This is just a sampling of the arsenal of styles, shapes and colours that James Jeans offer:

From left to right:

1) Neo Beau Z Wimbledon Distressed: $229.00
2) James Twiggy Z Coated Black: $211.00
3) Carrie Z Carolina: $167.00
4) Neo Beau Z Poppy: $172.00
5) James Twiggy Z China Doll: $163.00

Each of these jeans can be found on the James Jeans website, Saks Fifth Avenue site, and on Nordstrom.com. Nordstrom has a lighter blue skinny on for $79.03!

Happy Shopping!

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