Friday, August 30, 2013

Fall is COMING!

One of those dresses that I bought last December at an incredible sale that the Bay was having on dresses. It was about dang time that I wore the thing, right? I used to be that person that wore the newly purchased item the day after I bought it, but lately I've found that I've had some pieces that have languished in my closet for too long! I think I passed on wearing this one for a while because it was such a dark brown, and I thought it better suited for Fall. Also might have had something to do with the fact that it was a bit tighter over my belleh than I originally remembered... at any rate, I finally wore it!
I love pencil skirt/dresses, etc. I never was able to find one that I liked, so I never used to wear them, but I guess I tried one on, didn't like it, and thought that was going to be the way with all pencil skirts. But I was wrong! I've since found TONS that I like on me.
It was kind of that way with hummous... I thought I hated it, but it just turned out that I hated bad, grocery store hummous. Then I went to a Lebanese restaurant, and discovered that hummous was actually fantastic. Just like well-fitted pencil skirts...

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